Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm back

OK, I know it's been a while since my last post, but... But I'm planning to add them more frequently now ;).

Recently one of my so called hobbies got my full attention. Dolls! ^^ Why? The reason is very, very simple. Shopping ;). Have you heard of the "Fashionistas" line of Barbies? Before I bought any of them, I had made a quick research over the internet. Yeah, I know, the Mattel's policies are quite strange - to start a new line of dolls with four (that's wright! 4!) blue-eyed blondes, one African American and one brown hair is something... well, let;s just say strange. I so much miss the 90s, when you could find few ethnic (or at least different hair colour) dolls in every their line. But, anyway I bought one of them. And then the second, and the third. And, yeap, that's wright, fourth. Why? Bugger the hair colour. Their bodies are great! So, soooooo many possibilities of posing, presenting clothes on them, putting them in dioramas, etc. What is also nice is that they have different head moulds. The AA ona has 2001 AA-mould, the brown-hair one has a 2003 mould, and the two blondes which I have, have the 1998 mould, which I always thought is cute. I don't know for the other blondes, but I quess they have the 1998 mould as well. As for their hair... I also miss the 90s dolls' hair, so thick and long. The Fashionistas girls have them quite short and very thin, the curls are going to uncurl very quickly and as far as the blondes are considered it's not that bad, but hte brown-hair one's hair is a tragedy. Not only short and thin but also every single hair has a different lenght. OK, I know, the modern, fashionable haircut and so on, one might say. But this makes it impossible to style her hair in any differetn way (without actully cutting them VERY short). Their clothes are OK, accessories also, althought I don't really know what happened with the jewellery which the company makes for their dolls. Back in the 90s (again!) dolls' necklaces etc were really nice, with good quality and design. Now? The Fashionistas necklaces remind me of the fake and semi-barbie jewellery for dolls, which that time was coming to Poland from the East. No quality, no design. It's a little bit better with their bags and shoes, though.
OK, so which of them did I actully buy? "Glam", "Girly", "Artsy" (the AA) and "Sassy" (the brown-hair).
Of course, I'm going to repaint them ;). And perhaps also reroot, if I only dare (haven't done this before). I'm planning at least to dye the blondes' hair.

But. But most of all, I bought them to sew for them ^^, because of their great posing abilities.
All the clothes I made myself and all are totally hand-made (I haven't even got a sewing machine ^^). So, here comes what I've done so far (inspired by "The Witcher's Saga" by Andrzej Sapkowski): Model: Glam (temporary, she will go with the name Yennefer as soon as she gets black hair and a new makeup)
Dress: loosely based on Yennefer's outfit in "The Last Wish" story.
It consists of:
white underdress (white georgette) with long skirt and splited, weavy sleeves,
black sleeveless blouse (black satin),
a black corset (black leather).
What's still to be done: shoes (of black leather), small bag, coat or a cape (black wool).
And here is back view:

And sitting (isn't her posing great? ^^):

And a close-up of front and back of the corset:

And here is the other one:

Model: Girly (she's goint to be Assire var Anahid or Filippa Eilhart some day, I haven't decided which one yet ^^).
Dress: outfit based on Assire's green dress.
It consists of:
long underdress (dark green, thin wool), inspired by a medieval "cotte simple" pattern, with long narrow sleeves
long coat (light green-turqoise thicker wool) with short sleeves, close-fitting upper part and a wide lower part.
bag (of both kinds of wool)
What's still to be done: shoes, belt (currently she's wearing Arty's belt ^^)

And here, presenting her bag:

And showing more of her underdress:

And back:

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