Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation plans

We have officially vacations here already :). Technically not exactly, `cause I still have to go to school every day this week to fill up all the papers, reports, summaries etc. But yet it already IS vacation. ^^
So it`s high time to draw some vacation plans. This year it looks to be much more relaxing and refreshing than ever. Only August will be a working month for me, since I`ll give lectures for the theachers-and-coaches-to-be for a week, then I will atend another lectures myself (about the voice improving methods) that my school was so kind to sponsor for all of us. And then comes the last week of August which again we all spend in school on planning the new school year, all the schedules and so on. So my vacation practically is July and the last week of June. But yet it is an improvement. For the last eight years I was forced to work really hard all the vacation months between my studies just to earn for the bills. Now I`m really happy and really lucky to have the school work, it has freed me from the constant burden of debts, bills, worries, and previous odd job which I hated. My Dad, a teacher himself, used to say: "There are two advantages of being a teacher. One is July and the second is August." I agree^^. However, for me there`s much more in it.
So, that was August. And July? July is going to be... Crafting month! ^^ Yeah, finally I`ll have enough time to finish all the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and start so many more that come to my mind :). I`m going to do a lot of knitting, a lot of jewellery, some sewing and some stitching. Oh, and I`ve got a few dolls to bring them back to life ;). But...
To start any of that, I need space. In my mind, in my social relations and - material but yet the most important - in my home, especially the bedroom which is my craft-room in the same time. That is why before I go back to any of my beloved activities, I need to clean my bedroom and the rest of the cottage. And so, I hereby anounce the coming week to be the cleaning week ^^. Not too creative yet necesarry and very helping.

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