Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, the basic introduction is there on the right, I guess.
After years of hiding, I`ve finally decided to show some of my stuff (and perhaps a few thoughts as well ^^). The crafts I enjoy are generally: jewellery-making (I love and adore amber, but that`s not all), stitching, knitting and similar handicrafts (I hate crocheting though), sewing and doll-restoration. I used to paint a little bit as well, but for some time this gift is gone I`m afraid. I also write stories and tales, but that comes in my native language and will not be availible here, since I`ve decided to run this blog in English (need some practice, you know ^^). If anyone is interested in that part, I`ll put the story-blogs I`m part of in the links, I think.
Oh, and the landscape you can see up is... is... is... No, unfortunatelly it`s not a view from my window in my attic. But it is a lake shore in my summer plot where I`m planning to return and build a proper house (which means completly own and self-contained, tarditional, little cottage ^^) and settle some day...
So, let`s see some stuff ^^.

First of all, two samples of my cross-stitch, cotton on linen canvas. Based on patterns by DMC.
And now my greatest love, which is amber ^^.

The `Freya Necklace`, made of amber in various colours (white, green, lemon, honey) and linen:

The `Freya Earrings`, made of amber and sterling silver:

I hope you like them ;).
Next time I`m going to show more ^^ and of other materials because I work not only with amber (all the other availible beads and so on).


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