Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today I`m officially done with the school marks, so I spent some time relaxing and having fun. Which means (at least for me ^^) diving into my big beads-and-wires` box.

And that`s the result for now (till eevening there`s going to be more, I guess.

1. "Drops of Rainbow"

Swarovski crystals (4mm and 6mm), sterling silver, tiny glass beads (1-2mm)

2. "Celtica"
Glass, metal beads, silver-plated elements.

3. "Queen of Hearts"
Glass heart-shaped beads, sterling silver.

4. "Violet point"
Natural amethyst (faceted), sterling silver, metal circles.

No amber today? Well, maybe later ;).

Hope You like them.

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