Sunday, June 7, 2009

School year deadline

For the last week I hardly know my name and I hardly have time even to have a cup of coffee not to mention any crafting. Why is that so? The answer is simple - the end of school year is coming. What does this mean? Vacation!!! - one might say. Yeah, sure. But before we go on vacation, there`s the marks giving process, that ends tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is the deadline and all the grades must be there in the system by tomorrow`s night. So what? So, of course, about 40% of the kids came to me on Monday and about 55% (yes, just about 5% didn`t have any problems with being happy with their marks) came to me on Friday, asking: "Ma`am (we`re very formal at school) I want to have an A, what should I do?". So I open the system, I open the class-book and what do I see? A row of Ds, firm and long as a row of soldiers. And the kid had all the semester to do something about it...
So, what`s the epilogue? I end up reading, checking and grading some 300 tests, delayed homeworks, extra projects and so on. And the funniest thing is, it`s actually none of my business or interests to improve their marks. It`s their task to study and work and learn and get good marks which their parents love (sometimes I tend to think, the parents don`t care completely about what their child actually knows or learns, they seem to care only about the marks). It is they, who should think earlier what to do and how to improve. I should care only how to help them and how to teach them in the prescriben time and not how to make their marks better for them in the last two days remaining till deadline. And I should do as most of the teachers do. Let them improve tests and bring the delayed homeworks and extra stuff only untill end of May and keep June just for myself and for putting the final marks. And keep the final marks unnegotiable in June.
I don`t do that. Mostly because I feel pity for my students. Because I like them and I want to give them a chance. And I know that for some of them it`s the final mark of my class in their school-carriera, which means the mark I put may decide if they can get admitted to a very good high school or just a poor one or none at all. So I do care. Am I insane? Yes, that is possible.

So, today no pics, sorry. Goin` back to the stack of test on my desk.

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