Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family photo

Today just a few lines, because I'm busy sewing again ^^. 

My collection now consists of about 50 dolls, some of them of real collectible value, some of not that much valuable but I just like the dolls of the 90s and 80s, some of just sentimental value and some that still need some serious treatment before I will be able to show them (yeah, many still waiting in my drawer for: washing, some small or big repairs, repaint, reroot or restyling...). 

Today I want to show You one of my few doll-shelves. The shelf with my most precious dolls, be that in terms of collectible value or in terms of sentiment...

So, here they are: 

Back row standing (starting from the left side): 

2000 Bowling Champ Barbie (Collector Edition)

2009 Generations of Dreams Barbie (Collector Edition, 50th Anniversary Doll)

2006 Made For Each Other Barbie (Gold Label, Vintage Reproduction)

2006 Silkstone Highland Fling (Gold Label, Silkstone)

2009 Holiday Barbie (Collector Edition, Special Occasion Dolls, still NRFB)

1989 Western Fun Nia (a childhood dream ^^)

Front row sitting (starting from the right), my childhood dolls:

1989 Aqua Magic Ken (a.k.a. Wet'n Wild Ken)

1989 Barbie And The All Stars (You've met her in my previous post)

1990 Hawaiian Fun Skipper

1989 (or 1990?) Christie And The Beat (You've also already met her)

1991 Sparkle Eyes Barbie (sometimes wrongly called in Poland "Diamond Barbie"), since I've already had my "Barbie", in my house this girl got a new name "Jessica" ^^

1995 Color Splash Hair Pocahontas (I liked the tale, but disliked the name, so she also got a new one, "Gouyen" in tribute to one of the brave Apache female warriors)

???? Unknown Ken Doll (You are going to meet him soon ^^), known in my house as "Johnny" ;).

I'm going to post about these dolls (and all my others, that are still waiting for attention, treatment or just a photograph) sooner or later ;).

Oh, and today a few items appeared for sale on my Allegro account, so plz feel free to look around and maybe You're gonna like something ;). My nick is Sigridr ;).

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