Monday, February 1, 2010

The First

My first of course. My first Mattel Barbie Doll I bought in 1990 in one of the "Pewex" shops and I still had to pay in $ (next one I also bought in Pewex, but already paying in zloty). I used all the money I got for various occasions from my grandfather and uncles and such ;).  All the future Barbie dolls used to get a new name (and those which I buy now also do, I just don't like reffering to them as "you know, that doll in blue dress", or something; name is something personal and makes a doll more personal). Only she was actually called "Barbie" in my house. Today she came to me from my old home. So, please, meet "Barbie and the All Stars":

Model: Barbie and the All Stars, Mattel

Catalog number: 9099

Year of production: 1989 

Bought: in 1990, at Pewex

Body type: TnT with bend arms 1966. Made in China.

Head mold: no sign, mark or anything (simply, completely "plain" neck), althought it's the Superstar Mold

Make-up: original.

Condition: very good.

Here she wears an outfit I bought in the middle of 90s, it was Mattel's original but it doesn't have any label sewn into it. Her original clothes are still in my old house, but I do have all the set: the gymnastic outfit, the excercise accessories and the bag that turns into a skirt. She has her original earrings and a ring on.

Because getting Mattel's dolls was so difficult in that time, I was always taking great care of my girls. And so, my Barbie is still, after 20 years in a very good condition. You can see the impact of passing time only on her hair.

Just look at that face, isn't she lovely^^? The photos don't show well enought how cute and girly she is. Pure innocence.

Her hair is perhaps in the worst condition of all her body parts, it's not as shiny as it used to be and maybe a bit "felted", but yet I think after 20 years her hair still looks better, than most of the nowadays playline dolls a few minutes after deboxing.

So here she is. One of my dearest dolls, if not the dearest one. When I think of all those years, all those playing-time and just the time when she was sitting on a shelf and watching me studying ;), when I think of all those memories, dreams, all the joy she gave me...  She is the essence of my childhood, I quess.


  1. fajna laleczka:) widziałam też Kena z tej serii:)

  2. Ja też i to wtedy, kiedy ją kupowałam ;). Niestety, na Kena mi już wtedy nie starczyło, więc później dostała do pary innego... Może kiedyś ;)